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Advantages and Six Merits of LED Tube Lights

Source: Hits: Time:2013-03-21

Looking to improve the environment with their lighting choices is a positive choice,when you learn about the benefits and superiorities of LED tube lights. This is the reason why many people today are looking for ways that they can help to improve the environment. This includes scientists and specialists as well as average, everyday people.

Traditionally,tube lighting is powered by fluorescent bulbs which have lots of disadvantages, both for the person using them and for the environment. In contrast, the LED tubes that have been designed as an easy drop-in replacement for these fluorescent bulbs contain no mercury or toxic gases. As they contain no chemicals or toxins, they can be disposed of as regular waste. They also consume less than 60% of the energy used by fluorescent bulbs, with a lifespan of between 50,000 and 10,000 hours, making them highly cost-effective. Their operating temperature is only 100 degrees, not only helping to protect the fixture and surrounding surfaces, but making it easier to remove or replace the lighting without having to wait for it to cool down first. Most LED Tube Lights can fit well in the traditional fluorescent tube light fixtures "the only requirement is to either remove or bypass the ballast and starter if it's there". Above all,top 6 merits of these tube lamps are summarized.

Firstly,tube lights are environmentally friendly. Traditional fluorescent lamp contains large amounts of mercury vapor, mercury vapor will be essential if broken into the atmosphere. But do not use LED lamps are mercury, and LED products do not lead, play a protective effect on the environment. LED lamp recognized as the green lighting the twenty-first century.

Secondly,there is less the phenomenon of less eat. Traditional lighting will produce a large number of conventional heat lamps, and LED lighting all converted to light energy to electrical energy, will not lead to energy waste.

Thirdly,no noise. LED tubes do not generate noise, using sophisticated electronic instruments is avery good choice.

The fourth, protect the eyes. Traditional fluorescent lamp using AC, it will have 100-120 times per second strobe. LED lamp uses LED constant current work is to directly convert AC to DC, to effectively reduce the LED light failure, quick start, and no flicker,protect the eyes. The next is no mosquito trouble. LED lamp will not produce ultraviolet light, infrared light and other radiation; do not contain mercury and other harmful substances, and less heat. There will not be as traditional lamps, as there are many mosquitoes around the light source side. Indoor becomes more clean and sanitary and clean.

Finally,voltage adjustable. Traditional fluorescent lamps are released through the rectifier high voltage to light up, and when the voltage is lowered, you can not light up. The LED lamps in a range of voltage within the can light up. Why wait! If you do not have LED Tube Lights,please purchase one immediately, making her at your service.

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